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Why? We are Expert in Field Data Communication

SaralSurvey solve the problems of managing remotely distributed survey process by simplifying, automating, integrating and compressing the entire data-to-decision cycle in real time, at a fraction of their existing cost.

Any forms of complex field data collection solved through saral survey.
Very cost effective cloud based SaaS system. Pay as you go Model.
Successful data collection from the remotest area with zero data loss.
On-line / Of-line support of data collection.
Live tracking ,tracking reports of individual surveyor.
Real time data capturing of heterogeneous and distributed data.
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SaralSurvey : Powered by CloZ-i Platform

Create Forms Or Save Forms Create Multiple Forms and Save

build any kind of complex (linear or hierarchical data) forms and save as a template. Any type of fields audio,video,image,map including text data supported.

CloZ-i Deploy Forms Authorize and Deploy Forms to Field Devices

Multiple and individual authorized forms deployed on mobile devices in a real time.

Start Survey Start Multiple Survey Forms on Individual User Device

Work on multiple surveys at the same time to collect audio, video, geo-tag, text along with multiple forms data.

Tracking Analysis and Report Live Tracking Analysis and Report

End to end geo tracking along with time, location, speed, data sent location, total distance covered, total time taken, calculate travelled expenses and instant report generation.

Our Services

Instant Resource Monitoring

Track end to end movement of your surveyors in field, their current location, data send locations and time based path movement.

Live Field View & Report Generation

Improve prompt decision making and profitability by any time report downloading & end to end view of entire process with Live Geo Dashboard.

Multilingual Support
Off-line Survey Data Support

Say no to network challenges of remotely situated field areas for surveys with off-line data support.

Device Security

Device side includes both customized and dynamic forms and complete locking of unwanted use of device.

Complex Logic
Integrate With Existing System

SaralSurvey speaks the language of domain. Its unique combination of technical skills & flexible architecture provides Saral(simple) integration of field data with enterprise existing process in real time.

Upload Results
Zero Learning Curve

User friendly on device attachment, instant dynamic forms to surveyors, same look & feel of paper forms and local language support along with field validations, makes SaralSurvey easy and comfortable to use.